Who we are

Qualexperts is a certified oral and written English language assessment organization.

Aiming at the workforce of the future we contribute in the field of employee evaluation and development. The unique goal of the program is professional development through innovative language skills assessment services.

Expert examiners assess the English language proficiency of employees who wish to apply for jobs in which a very good use of English is deemed necessary.

Each assessment is accompanied by a detailed report of the performance of the examinee in both oral and written communication but also in the various individual language skills such as:

  • communication skills,
  • the use of grammar,
  • The range of vocabulary and
  • the correct use of language according to the requirements of each professional field.

We provide you with a detailed report of your real speaking and writing skills to help you pursue your dream job or claim a higher post. The report is available within 10 working days of your assessment which is done online anywhere in the world and will accompany your CV.